3 Best Off Roading Cars For 2017

Midsize crossover SUVs have replaced midsized sedans as the quintessential family vehicle. While midsize sedans are still popular, more and more people are driving SUVs and the crossover variety adds better fuel efficiency to a successful design that is capable of seating 7 passengers. Crossovers are built on the same chassis as a car, and Highlander is actually built on the exact same chassis as the Toyota Camry proving once again why Toyota is one of the most innovative and efficient auto manufacturers in the business. What are the coolest options for the 2017?

#1. DVD System

The 2017 Toyota Highlander comes with an optional DVD system that will keep the kids from asking “are we there yet?” on those longer journeys away from Grand Rapids. We all like to go on vacations or head out to the country for camping in the summer, but if it’s one thing kids aren’t built for it’s sitting still in one place perpetually. Toyota’s built in DVD system is a good way to keep them entertained on the way there.

#2. Safety Features

When purchasing a vehicle, most families consider safety a top priority and look for the latest in safety tech to keep themselves and their children safe on Grand Rapids’ roads. The Toyota Highlander features a number of great safety features including a blind spot sensor, a full array of airbags for both the front and the back seats, and a cross traffic alert. The Toyota Highlander also comes in an all wheel drive option which is much better for handling on slicker roads. Michigan winters can be rough, but with the Highlander’s safety features, you’ll feel much more content navigating tougher driving conditions. The Highlander Limited also adds parking assist.

#3. Hybrid Engine

Toyota is one of the few auto manufacturers that is actually adding a hybrid option to its SUV lineup. While the price of gasoline is low right now, it’s shown itself read more to fluctuate on numerous occasions. What’s fascinating about Toyota’s hybrids is that they don’t lose any power and in fact, the Hybrid V6 is the most powerful powertrain among any of the Highlander trim levels at 280 HP.

Alongside a number of fantastic luxury, entertainment, and safety features, Toyota remains one of the most well respected and reliable vehicle manufacturers in the world. With resale values on Toyotas among the highest according to the Kelly Blue Book, Toyota has built its reputation on return customers, customer loyalty, and word of mouth recommendations. The Highlander is Toyota’s offering to the midsize crossover segment of SUVs and doesn’t disappoint in terms of style, affordability, luxury, and reliability, making the Highlander the perfect vehicle for your family.

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